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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the art print file be sent to me? 

A:  All files will be emailed within five minutes of purchase to the email address that you provided. A 

download link will also appear on "Thank You For Your Order..." page. 

Q: How do I download an art print file? 

A: Within the email there will be a link to download the file. We recommend downloading the file to your 

desktop so it's easy to find when uploading it to an online printer.


Q: What size art prints can I print from one file?

A:  Each art file that you purchase and download from The Union can be printed in the following sizes:





Q: What if I want to print a file in a size that is not mentioned above?

A: If you'd like to print a file in a size other than the ones listed above, you will likely encounter a print

that has been cropped (parts of the art print are missing) or pixelated (the image isn't clear.) If you need a

print size that is not listed above, please contact us directly!

Q: Do you recommend a specific printer or framer?

A: Yes! We've done the research for you. Click here to see a list of printers and framers that we recommend

based on your budget and needs. 

Q:  What type of paper do you recommend?

A:  We recommend using a matte, cotton paper that will allow the ink to be more vibrant and crisp.  

Q: Can I use these art print files for commercial use?

A: All art print files from The Union are for personal use only. If you're interested in

commercial use, please contact us directly.

Q:  How many downloads of each print will The Union sell?

A:  Since we sell only limited-edition print downloads, we retire a print after it's reached it's purchase

capacity at 150. This quantity makes the arwork at The Unioni truly unique, considering some online

galleries cap their limited-edition prints at a quantity of 1,000.

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